Rob Who?

This is not me, its Vincent Price with a head that looks like an egg

My name if Rob Thompson, welcome to my hub on the web.

Many years ago, I had to think of a profile name. It had to be unique, so out of the blue came: SirChutney.
On this blog, I try to collect my musings, music and half-baked opinions together in one place. Posting frequency is at least a few times a week. Most posts are fairly short, one exception are the longer form articles can be found under the stoicism tag.

I got interesting in stoicism as I realised that I had fewer years ahead of me that behind me. This forced me to reflect on the meaning in my life. I started to question, just what matters. What can I do to make my remaining time on planet Earth the happiest possible? How best to come to terms with “me"? I needed to understand more about myself. I also realised that a large body of work could help. After a few years of reading and reflection I found Stoic philosophy to make most sense. These posts are about my attempts to use this ancient wisdom in a practical way.

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