Brainfluence: 100 Ways to Persuade and Convince Consumers with Neuromarketing

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Reduce the feeling of pain during the buying experience and even tightwads will buy.

you should make the price seem like a bargain, or at least appear fair. If you’re selling a $120 annual membership to your gym, you can make this amount seem smaller by selling it for “only $10 per month" or “33 cents per day."Similarly, appealing to important needs over unnecessary pleasures is a particularly good strategy for selling to tightwads.

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offered massages, both in terms of a massage for pleasure and also as a way to relieve back pain

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Captivate all the senses, especially smell.

When making your sales pitch, it goes without saying that appealing only to your potential customers’ rationality is not enough – you also need to pull the right emotional strings. However, you’ll have even greater success if you appeal to a more visceral part of the human experience: this means you have to sell to all five senses.

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of all the senses, smell is the most important for high sales.

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Want to make your ad more effective? Put a baby on it.

putting a face on your ad will attract attention. But a baby’s face will attract even more!

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if the baby face is looking at us, then we’ll look right back at the baby face. But if the baby face is looking at something else – your headline, a product image, key information, etc. – then that’s where the viewer will direct their attention.

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Generate more sales by building and rewarding the loyalty of customers.

One way to boost loyalty is to draw people’s attention to other possible circumstances. In other words, drawing attention to disadvantageous alternatives to their current life – whether it’s the company they work for or a product they’re thinking of buying – actually increases people’s loyalty to their current situation.

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If you want to generate more sales, speak into the customer’s right ear when schmoozing.

Even if you’re just chatting about the kids, golf or the weather, a little schmoozing goes a long way to build mutual respect and trust, and increases the likelihood of reaching a mutually satisfactory deal.After you’ve schmoozed your potential client, you can make the most of your conversation by speaking into their right ear. Seriously.

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Sell more by surprising your customer’s brains.

you don’t have to use words. Surprising images and designs work just as well.

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The right words – or rather, the wrong ones – can tap into your customers’ emotions and hold their attention long enough for you to convey your message.

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Final summary

We like to think that our purchasing decisions are formed through intellect and rationality. But this just isn’t true. Rather, whether we buy or don’t buy is determined just as much by our senses, emotions and unconscious mind.

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About the book:

Brainfluence (2012) explores the unconscious thoughts and motivations that influence our decision-making process, and offers tips and tricks on how savvy marketers can exploit them. By understanding the mechanisms that cause us to buy (or not buy), you can increase your sales while keeping your customers happier.

About the author:

Richard Dooley is an entrepreneur and marketer, and founder of the marketing consultancy Dooley Direct LLC. He is also the author of the blog Neuromarketing.

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