Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food

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Despite incredible developments in medicine, our health is declining.

prior generations ate more healthily. Their diets consisted of more natural foods and they had fewer of the processed options available to us today.

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Your brain has a natural antioxidant system, but vegetable oils disrupt it.

Everybody knows that vegetables are good for your health. But vegetable oil is a different story, and the unhealthy nature of this common food product affects your brain.

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Processed vegetable oils are a relatively new addition to the human diet, and we simply haven’t adapted to them. As a result, the brain can’t reject them. This means these unstable PUFAs and trans fats are free to use up the antioxidants of your brain’s defense system before the antioxidants even reach the brain itself. The brain then sees them as natural fats and accepts them, along with their free radicals, which proceed to damage brain cells.

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Sugar is addictive, damages your brain and is in just about everything.

sugar’s habit-forming qualities aren’t the only problem. It also damages the cells of your brain.

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food companies give sugar lots of confusing names to hide ever larger quantities of this cheap, addictive ingredient in their products, including malt, maltodextrin, sucanat, corn syrup and fructose.

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Sprouting or fermenting your ingredients makes them more nutritious.

sprouting seeds and legumes

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As well as sprouting, another healthy approach is to eat fermented foods

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sourdough bread

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Final summary

Modern industrially produced food is making us sick. But the good news is that we can heal our bodies and live healthier, longer lives by returning to an older way of eating. That means avoiding detrimental foods like sugar and loading up on natural ones like organ meat, fresh vegetables and fermented products.

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About the book:

Deep Nutrition (2008) is about modern diets and how they’re making people sick. These blinks explain the danger of industrially produced food, what it’s doing to our bodies and how we can return to an earlier way of eating that will keep us healthier for years to come.

About the author:

Catherine Shanahan, M.D is a certified family physician who has practiced medicine in Hawaii for over a decade after receiving her education at Cornell University and the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

Luke Shanahan, Catherine’s co-author and husband, is a writer, lecturer and graduate of the University of Iowa’s prestigious Writers’ Workshop. His passion lies in literature, art and cooking.